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Thorbergsen Frigosoft used to be a software company, founded in 1997. It operated mainly in the thermal energy field with emphasis on refrigeration engineering. The company was owned and run by Even Thorbergsen doing:
  1. Sales and development of FrigoSim, a Windows-based simulation tool for design of heat pumps and refrigerating and air conditioning plants.
  2. Consultancy work for FrigoSim users with special design challenges.

As of 1 June 2020, Frigosoft is the name of a voluntary activity producing free and open software in the thermal energy field. FrigoSim is planned to be the main product, in the beginning a Windows tool, in a year or two web-based and/or specialised in one or more apps.


Even Thorbergsen got his master's degree in 1976 after having studied physics and computer technology with focus on numerical mathematics. In 1980 he got a doctor of philosophy in refrigeration with a thesis on calculation of ground source heat pumps. Shortly after he got a position in SINTEF and worked there until 1996 with numerics and software development for process simulation and heat conduction calculation as specialist area. For 5 years he was managing the computer staff at Refrigeration Engineering. Ref. Curriculum Vitae.

Company information

Name:Thorbergsen Frigosoft 977 087 872
Address:Adm. Storheils gate 7, NO-8900 Brønnøysund
Phone:+47 7500 6032 / +47 750 23313 / +47 9282 9798 (mob.)

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