Thorbergsen Frigosoft

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Thorbergsen Frigosoft is a software company founded in 1997. It has been operatings solely in the thermal energy field with an emphasis on refrigeration engineering. The company is owned and run by Even Thorbergsen doing:
  1. Sales and development of FrigoSim, a Windows-based simulation tool for the design of heat pumps and refrigerating and air conditioning plants.
  2. Consultancy work for FrigoSim users with special design challenges.


Even Thorbergsen got his master's degree in 1976 after having studied physics and computer technology with a focus on numerical mathematics. In 1980 he got a PhD in refrigeration with a thesis on calculation of ground source heat pumps. Shortly after he got a position in SINTEF and worked there until 1996 with numerics and software development for process simulation and heat conduction calculation as specialist area. For 5 years he was managing the computer staff at Refrigeration Engineering. Ref. Curriculum Vitae.

Company information

Name:Thorbergsen Frigosoft 977 087 872
Address:Adm. Storheills gate 7, NO-8900 Brønnøysund
Phone:/ +47 9282 9798

Most recent modification: 16 May 2024

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