Basic philosophy

FrigoSim is a computer tool for simulating thermal energy plants. Such plants handle fluid flow and fluid state change plus power generation and transfer.

The program is based on a number of component models that describe the most important kinds of components needed in the design of heat pumps, refrigerating plants and air-conditioning systems.

FrigoSim operates on two fluid types:

The program uses function libraries calculating thermal and transport properties of
The models handle both azeotropic and zeotropic refrigerants. Some models may also operate supercritically or transcritically, see supercritical operation.

FrigoSim handles arbitrary component connections, as long as similar connector types are joined and the overall plant description is consistent (uniquely specified). Components are connected either in one or several circuit connectors, or along a heat transfer boundary.

Nine different kinds of control mechanisms are allowed for the purpose of satisfying operational requirements.

The program has powerful specification of input data functions and function inter-dependence.

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