File types

FrigoSim uses the following file types:

FrigoSim Plant files *.SIM :
These files have a rather complex structure described in the plant input description.

FrigoSim Basis Component files *.BAS :
These files are described in the basis component input description.

FrigoSim Fluid files *.MED :
These files are described in the fluid input description.

FrigoSim Function files *.FNC :
These files are described in the function input description.

FrigoSim Two-column Table files *.XY :
These are files with a two-column structure. Example:

0.0  10.5
2.0  14.2
4.0   7.6
The numbers [0.0, 2.0, 4.0] are x values and the numbers [10.5, 14.2, 7.6] are the corresponding y values. Such files are input by pressing the Load button of the Function dialogue and selecting Files of type Two-column table .

FrigoSim Result files *.RSL :
These are files produced when doing a simulation. They are readily importable into spreadsheet programs for plotting and other post-processing.

FrigoSim Report files *.REP :
These files are produced in a simulation if asked for by menu command Output|Report. First of all they contain easily interpretable result output that can be copied to reports and the like. In addition you may use these files for studying the details from the calculation process, as specified through menu command Output|Report elements.

FrigoSim Component files *.TXT :
These files are used for outputting component quantities at any time during specification and calculation. They are produced through the Component inspection dialogue. This dialogue is activated by pointing to a plant component, pressing the right mouse-button and selecting Inspect .

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