License conditions

The FrigoSim license is connected to one single text file FrigoSim.lic . This file states the license number, the license category, expiry year and month, your name, affiliation and email address, a license code and a licensee text. Your name and affiliation, indicating the owner of the license, will appear in the main window caption bar in the beginning and at intervals during the session. It will also be written on prints. There is a relationship between element of the license file and the license code. If something on this file is changed, FrigoSim will not start.

The executable program and resource files are the same for all user categories. This means that you only need a new license file to go from a trial version to a full feature version. It will be sufficient to order a non-trial version, and you will be supplied with a new license file changing the license category, expiry date and possibly the licensee text.

These are the license categories:

  1. Professional single user license
    giving you unlimited program features on one PC.

  2. Standard single user license
    This license will run a plant of a maximum of 50 plant components, does not support indirect basis component specification, but has otherwise full access to features.

  3. Simple single user license
    This license will run plants of a maximum number of 30 components, a maximum of three refrigerants and a maximum of three secondary fluids, no indirect basis component specification, and only one heat conduction component, but has otherwise full access to features.

  4. Time-limited version
    One year: 50 % - Three months: 25%
    Change of a time-limited license to a longer period or time-unlimited is accomplished at the difference price, when ordering within one month after expiry of purchased period. The start of the period is the date of first purchase. At 50 % of first-time price, new versions for another year for non-time-limited licenses.

  5. Trial license
    This license will only run simple plants (not more that 15 plant components), and only give access to one refrigerant plus one secondary fluid per plant. It will only enable direct basis component specification, and the use of one heat conduction component, but has otherwise full access to features. This license is preincluded in the version you get when downloading the tool. See the download page.

  6. Server license
    This is a multi user license that enables several users to have access to FrigoSim from a program server. In addition you need a local single user license file.

If you would like to have a license, make a request to Thorbergsen Frigosoft .

Professional single user license EUR 256
Standard single user license EUR 128
Simple single user license EUR 64
Trial-license (preincluded) Free

Multi-license discounts:

License 2 - 5 20%
License 6 - 10 40%
License 11 - 20 60%
License 21 - 80%

A purchase scenario:

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