Mouse Operations

You click and double-click the left button with the normal response from the program, i.e. selecting and editing. If you click the right button, you will evoke pop-up menus appropriate for the various main windows. Typically modification, duplication and deletion are accomplished this way. In the basis component and fluid windows, selection of Transfer to plant respectively creates a new plant component or a fill object.

When dragging a component or connector, if pressing the Ctrl-button, you will evoke the Autoadjust mechanism. The mouse button must be released before the Ctrl-button. A boundary condition can be moved from one connector to another by dragging it close to this other connector. Holding down the Ctrl-button will copy the boundary condition. This mechanism of moving and copying also applies to enthalpy and valve controls.

If you start by pointing to open space and drag to a new position, all components within the imaginary rectangle specified by the start and current position, will be multiply selected or framed. After releasing the mouse button, you may now delete all selected components, adjust them or duplicate them. The duplication not only produces a copy for each of the selected components, but also duplicates the corresponding connections, boundary conditions and single component or connector related controls. These controls are parameter controls, regulator controls operating within one component, difference controls operating within one component, and enthalpy controls. Unframing components is done by "making" a small rectangle in open space.

If you have added illustrative elements (Add|Illustration), these may be operated upon as other screen elements (components etc). If these elements cause problems when framing a number of components, just press the Shift-button while framing. The Shift-button is also used to access an individual layer, if this is contained by the component, otherwise the component is accessed.

In all windows an instant change mechanism can be activated through the pop-up menu.

See also how to operate on components with boundaries.

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