Capacity control strategy dialogue

Setting a Capacity control strategy is essentially to select a number of components to be controlled and specify how these components operate in a number of Capacity levels. In the strategy specification dialogue you do the following:

  1. Click the first component box (first of the group of 5 white boxes). You then normally see a number of components in the selection list box. Select one of these components and you see the name of the selected component in the component box.
  2. Click the first strategy box (first of the group of 5 x 10 white boxes). You see the selection box presenting 7 state types. Selecting one of these, the name of the selected state appear in the current strategy box.
  3. This can be repeated with more components (if available) and more strategy levels (if appropriate).

You position in the strategy table by clicking among the strategy boxes. The selected component and strategy level are indicated by a pair of dark-greyed number boxes. If the strategy matrix is exceeding the 5 x 10 range, you access other parts by using the Left, Right, Up and Down buttons. Insertion of a new strategy level is done by the Insert button, and deletion of components and level through the proper Delete button.

The Step box is for setting the step number for the Step state. Set the number first and then press the Step state selection.

The Initial level is the strategy level used initially in a simulation. An extensive description of strategy specification is found in capacity control.

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