Temperature Control

There are several ways to control the temperature in a plant connector. The following mechanisms may be used for this purpose:

Boundary condition

A boundary condition is used to control the temperature at plant boundaries, normally where some fluid enters the plant from an external source. This is a direct method where the value is exactly achieved.

Regulator control

The regulator control is another way to achieve a specific temperature in a connector. This control measures the temperature and regulates a specific controllable parameter of some component. There should be a substantial correlation between the temperature and the controlled parameter to have a successful control.

Capacity control

The use of a capacity control to achieve a specific temperature in a connector is not easy to think of unless you are an expect on FrigoSim. The technique is as follows:

This technique is very powerful with respect to achieving a required temperature, as a capacity control may involve a range of components in a strategy setup.

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