User interface

The FrigoSim user interface presents a look and feel like most Microsoft Windows programs. It is first of all based on a number of menu commands. The most frequently used commands are also activated by tool buttons placed in a tool bar just below the menu bar. Alternatively a set of mouse operations can be used for speed-up. The right mouse-button activates a pop-up menu with commands relevant for the focused Window. Commands not relevant for the selected item (if any) will be disabled (greyed).

The interface can be dressed up in a number of languages, see Languages.

The FrigoSim window by default fills the entire screen. For quick transfer of data to and from other programs the normalize button (mid-button at upper right) can be pressed. This produces a smaller FrigoSim window for resolutions above VGA (640 x 480).

A fourth window can be evoked for studying the impact of instant changes, see Instant change mechanism.

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