Download and installation

  1. Download FrigoSim 2.5 receiving the file (2.7 MByte).
  2. Install FrigoSim using the FrigoSim_2.5.exe file contained in the downloaded zip file.
  3. Ask for a free trial license, stating your name, address and affiliation. A license file is required to be able to run FrigoSim. This file will be generated based on the information you supply.
  4. After having got a license file by e-mail from Frigosoft, copy it to the FrigoSim directory and rename it to FrigoSim.lic.
  5. Please, inform Frigosoft if you experience any problems during or after installation.

Note that the language files for British English, US English, Norwegian and German are in the trial distribution, while Italian, Spanish and Finnish are only available through a purchase of FrigoSim.

2016-05-07: Patch version 2.5.2 available

There is now available a patch version, replacing parts of the FrigoSim 2.5 installation described above:

  1. Download FrigoSim 2.5.2 receiving the file (1,002,281 Bytes).
  2. Expand the downloaded file to your FrigoSim folder, replacing some of the files there.
  3. Check the improvements in the Development history.
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